In Heller, the Court held, in a 5–4 decision, that (1) the Second Amendment granted an individual right to keep and bear arms unconnected to service in a militia; (2) the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited; and (3) handgun bans and trigger lock requirements such as those instituted by the District of Columbia are unconstitutional. And they were stupid wrong.

Dobbs v Jackson

As I have discussed before, the Right is obsessed with power and in order to get it and keep it, they will enact regressive policies on taxes, education, equity and equality, and privacy. It has taken a mere 50 years for them to successfully game the system to its breaking points in order to overturn Roe.

Indigenous Peoples Day

Until we combat and successfully defeat these anti-indigenous issues, there’s no amount of holiday proclamations from the White House that will even begin to sooth and heal the—often violent—division between non-native Americans and indigenous, Native communities.


[…] it shall be a felony for any government official, officer or staffer of any government official, or any candidate seeking such a position of Public Trust, to, through the execution of their duties, powers, and/or official functions, knowingly and/or wilfully lie, mislead, or otherwise deceive the public; defame, slander, libel, or vilify a Person or private entity; or misrepresent the facts, data, or science of any matter over which the Office in which they serve or seek to serve has jurisdiction, influence, or regulatory authority.