The Bull City Sculpture Show

On Thursday Jake and I went to the opening night of the Bull City Sculpture Show in Durham Central Park. Hosted by Liberty Arts, the show promises to be a “vibrant six-month long public outdoor sculpture exhibition” from May to October. Starting off in pedestrian-friendly Durham Central Park, the show criss-crosses downtown Durham all the way down to DPAC.

Hiking on the Eno

Since moving to the Triangle I’ve been longing for more of the random things to do like Screen on the Green and/or the plethora of museums and street fairs that DC has. I hadn’t realised until this weekend how much that had meant in terms of ignoring all of the other things I used to do while I was in DC. This weekend Jake and I finally opened our eyes.

Free Time

It began when I asked myself why I haven’t finished any of the myriad little projects I’ve set for myself, like making paper or cleaning off my desk. The answer that immediately popped into my head is “I’m just too busy.” And that got me thinking and asking why. Why am I too busy?