Fort Morgan, Alabama

I will admit to having never heard of Fort Morgan in school while growing up. In Virginia there’s a lot greater focus on Richmond and Arlington than Mobile, Alabama. But Jake and his sister, having grown up in Alabama, knew enough about it to be excited. And excitement is contagious.

Home Library

On our nine shelves, we have probably close to a thousand volumes ranging from art history to environmental policy, werewolves to opium dens, and comedy to tragedy. Most are non-fiction, but a few shelves are dedicated to comics, novels, and short stories. We have an art and design section and a psychology section, periodicals and religion.

La Vaquita

A well kept secret of Durham lives right across the street from one of the city’s most prestigious restaurants. What looks like a highway rest stop is actually the best homemade Mexican restaurant in the Triangle. La Vaquita, the funny looking building with the cow on the roof, may not be fancy but they serve up authentic and delicious Mexican cuisine every day of the week.

The Bull City Sculpture Show

On Thursday Jake and I went to the opening night of the Bull City Sculpture Show in Durham Central Park. Hosted by Liberty Arts, the show promises to be a “vibrant six-month long public outdoor sculpture exhibition” from May to October. Starting off in pedestrian-friendly Durham Central Park, the show criss-crosses downtown Durham all the way down to DPAC.

Hiking on the Eno

Since moving to the Triangle I’ve been longing for more of the random things to do like Screen on the Green and/or the plethora of museums and street fairs that DC has. I hadn’t realised until this weekend how much that had meant in terms of ignoring all of the other things I used to do while I was in DC. This weekend Jake and I finally opened our eyes.

Never Grow Up.

The point of snow is to play around and have fun. Too often we’re all too caught up in “acting like adults” and being “respectable” or whatever-the-hell-else adults are “supposed” to be. There’s no rule book, so who cares what Debbie Downer and Johnny Killjoy think? Therefore, I submit to you evidence of our most recent snow day here in Durham!

On Snow

The east coast got some snow yesterday and boy oh boy is there a story to tell. From Birmingham, AL declaring a state of civil emergency to Atlanta, GA turning into a scene from The Walking Dead there were some pretty major hang ups in winter weather management. Her in North Carolina things seem to have been handed fairly well, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t freaking out.