Fort Morgan, Alabama

I will admit to having never heard of Fort Morgan in school while growing up. In Virginia there’s a lot greater focus on Richmond and Arlington than Mobile, Alabama. But Jake and his sister, having grown up in Alabama, knew enough about it to be excited. And excitement is contagious.

A Wolf-intensive Photo Dump

A couple of weeks ago, while we were conducting a socialization visit with our wolf pack at the Conservators’ Center, the light was just too perfect to pass up and I grabbed my camera. We have some amazingly photogenic wolves and they were really showing off, which made for some great photos. Here are a few shots that I’d like to share.

The Bull City Sculpture Show

On Thursday Jake and I went to the opening night of the Bull City Sculpture Show in Durham Central Park. Hosted by Liberty Arts, the show promises to be a “vibrant six-month long public outdoor sculpture exhibition” from May to October. Starting off in pedestrian-friendly Durham Central Park, the show criss-crosses downtown Durham all the way down to DPAC.