iPhone X

I’ve had my new iPhone X for about five days now and just got a new case with six lenses built in—two telephoto lenses, a 120° wide angle, a 20x macro, a 10x macro, and a 180° fisheye—and it’s pretty fucking brilliant. Aside from the smaller form factor, I’m downsizing from the iPhone 6+, the…

Fort Morgan, Alabama

I will admit to having never heard of Fort Morgan in school while growing up. In Virginia there’s a lot greater focus on Richmond and Arlington than Mobile, Alabama. But Jake and his sister, having grown up in Alabama, knew enough about it to be excited. And excitement is contagious.

Triangle Film and Video

Come join us at Fullsteam in Durham on 10 December 2013 for the first meeting of the Triangle Film and Video Group! For more information, or to check in and see who will be there, visit the group’s page on Facebook.

Technology Is Hard

Would you believe that the WiFi version and the 3G/WiFi version of the Nexus 7 hardware are completely different? I’m sure there are perfectly logical reasons, but I can’t think of any. Would it not be more cost and energy efficient for ASUS to produce only one front assembly, one chassis, and one back cover that would accommodate both chip layouts?


Fontplore is, quite possibly, the best use of the Microsoft Surface table technology I have seen thusfar. As an interactive font exploration device it is miles and miles ahead and above any organisational tool yet devised for typeface management. I want one.