When you move to a new city—especially when you’re not 100% familiar with it—it can be pretty difficult to get your bearings. I have taken to explaining this feeling as though I were lost all the time. I know where I live, I know my address and I can describe the area reasonably well. However, I have no clue how to get there or where my house is in relation to any other part of Durham. Well… except for the golf course that’s across the street.If I leave this place I am, quite literally, lost.

As bad as Apple’s new Maps app is, it’s been a lifesaver for the last three weeks. After I realised that when it was telling me to turn LEFT on Interstate 54 West, when I-54 West was actually the right turn at that intersection, what it meant was “Shut up and follow the damn arrows on the screen, human!” This feeling of being lost or stranded everywhere you go is different in every city. For instance, when I moved to DC in 2006, I purposely went out the following weekend and got lost over and over and over just so I could find my way home over and over and over. This was relatively easy because DC is grid-based, Durham is not. +10 to difficulty.

But today was exciting! Because today I made it all the way to work, and then all the way home, without using the GPS. I may not know my way around just yet, but I can get to and from work and CCI with ease now.