Triangle Film and Video


Over on Twitter I happened across an announcement for a local film and video meet up being organized. I’ve been trying to get my act together and build a group like this in the area since I moved down—having become accustomed to such things in Washington, DC it sort of threw me for a loop last year when I discovered the closest film and VFX user/trade group is in Charlotte. Needless to say @JoshHardt beat me to it. And it’s a good thing he did, too. Because it would probably have been another year before I finally got plans down on paper. So, without further ado:

Come join us at Fullsteam in Durham on 10 December 2013 for the first meeting of the Triangle Film and Video Group! For more information, or to check in and see who will be there, visit the group’s page on Facebook. You can also get ahold of Josh on Twitter. Or just ask me.