The Bull City Sculpture Show

On Thursday Jake and I went to the opening night of the Bull City Sculpture Show in Durham Central Park. Hosted by Liberty Arts, the show promises to be a “vibrant six-month long public outdoor sculpture exhibition” from May to October. The opening night festivities included live music, artist discussion, great local food-trucks, and some other Durham vendors. Starting off in pedestrian-friendly Durham Central Park, the show criss-crosses downtown Durham all the way down to DPAC. While you could probably walk the entire length of the show, stopping at each installation, at a leisurely pace in a little under two hours, Jake and I elected to drive from the park to DPAC after taking in some of the festivities at the mobile stage in front of the Durham Farmers’ Market. Overall the strength of the show is pretty solid and while my art school experiences make me cringe at phrases like “obscure the sanctity of the art object,” I highly recommend checking it out. My favourite installation is probably Robert Winkler’s Winding Out, which is located at the park. Have a look at some of the photos I took and then go downtown and check out the show!