SLOSS Furnace

Marshall Christie, Director of Metal Arts at SLOSS Furnaces

Marshall Christie, Director of Metal Arts

This year, Jake and I went to Birmingham, Alabama to visit his family for the winter holiday. While we were there, I scurried off to find an interesting environment to explore with my camera and had a really awesome adventure at SLOSS Furnaces.

SLOSS is a decommissioned Iron Refinery and blast furnace complex in the heart of Birmingham. Today it’s a National Historic Landmark, State Park, and educational center for the arts with resident iron artists and field trips for schools. Unfortunately, on Christmas Eve, when I tried to explore the campus, SLOSS was closed. But by sheer chance and dumb luck, I met the Director of Metal Arts, Marshall Christie, at the gate and was gifted the opportunity to explore SLOSS Furnaces on my own with my camera for about an hour after he gave me a tour of the metal arts furnaces and a history of the facility.

My photography tends to focus on two themes, (1) the juxtaposition of the industrial and modern with the natural and (2) wildlife. So for me this was a dream come true, to be set loose on this campus of towering forges, furnaces, conveyor belts, steam pipes, tunnels, trains, and conduits.

I’m including a small gallery of images from the shoot below, but I encourage you to take a look at the full set over on my pro photo gallery site! You can view larger copies of each image and even purchase high resolution copies for print if you’d like to hang one in your home or office.