About Me!

kevinTrekkieHello! I’m Kevin!

By day I am a motion/vfx designer in Orange County, NC. By night I am a crime fighting, macro-predator studying, rough and tumble film and wildlife/nature geek with a totally sweet collection of National Geographic magazines. In my free time I work with wolves, play with cameras, and watch a lot of documentaries. Together with my Service Dog-in-training, Trajan, I live in a picturesque little house in the woods. It’s ridiculous, you guys.

I like bright colours, fast cars, cameras, canines, and code. For much of my childhood I played soccer and continue to be fascinated and enchanted by the sport. I have a similar relationship with tennis, but these days I rarely find enough people to play either with so instead I do Crossfit—about which you will read relatively little on this blog. My preference is to go barefoot and I’ve been that way ever since I learned to walk, I grew up at the beach and there’s really no more explanation for it than that.

Now that you know a little bit about me, you may be tilting your head and asking yourself what’s up with the URL, CleanUpAfterYourDog.com. And it’s a strange address for a personal blog, to be sure—especially since I’m not crusading against lazy people who don’t curb their dogs. (But for real, guys, curb your dogs.) The fact is that I originally purchased this domain for a school project in 2006 and just never let it expire. I think it’s kind of funny, and that’s why I keep it around. In 2012, when I moved from DC to the Triangle, I figured I’d dust it off and put it to use.

As far as a topic for what I write about, expect a little of everything. My interests cover everything from wildlife and land conservation to documentary filmmaking, physics and stellar cartography to baking, and whatever else I can get my paws on… so that’s what I’ll try to write about. But it might be safer to bet on reading a lot about daily activities here in the Triangle, films, and wolves. I’ll try to throw in some photography and/or videos once in a while, too. The occasional essay on topics about which I feel strongly are guaranteed to appear as well.

My goal with all this—every project should have a goal, guys—is to become a better writer and a better storyteller.

Occasionally, I will ask friends to write an article or review for me to share, but for the most part everything here is mine. Adventures in the Triangle is my story but without some supplemental material the story wouldn’t make very much sense, so that’s why I ask others to share in the fun once-in-a-while.

If you like what you see here, if you find it fun or interesting, please share your comments and subscribe—or follow or watch, whatever it is—to stay up to date and be a part of the adventure. Thanks!

Please Note: For the record, any and all thoughts, views, opinions, and endorsements expressed here on CleanUpAfterYourDog.com or on ABitOfAwesome.com—unless otherwise stated—are mine and mine alone and do not represent or express the views or opinions of my employer(s), client(s), or organization(s) I volunteer with.