A New Adventure!

If you’re a regular visitor to CleanUpAfterYourDog.com, you may notice a few changes today: the title and “about me” are different and the header image has changed. I’m starting a new adventure in Washington in April and I wanted to get things in place to reflect these changes. For a while now I’ve felt like…

Two Thousand Twenty

Frankly, I accomplished nothing significant in my personal life in 2019. Professionally, I made a great many significant accomplishments, award wins, and project milestones, which I won’t detail or get into, this blog isn’t really about that. But personally, I just didn’t do much of anything special. 

Let’s Play Catch-up

Honestly my problem is that I have too many ideas and can’t decide which to tackle first, so enough of wrestling with what to write about! Enjoy some photos from the 2014 NC State Fair, there will be more updates and stories to come very soon.

I’m So Bad At This Game

In the last year I have purchased a new car, had emergency surgery, joined a Crossfit gym, welcomed a new nephew to the world, painted the house, helped raise a binturong, and made some progress on my documentary. But I haven’t been very good at keeping this blog updated. That changes today.

The Boxes Have Taken Over

Day Zero

Three weeks ago I was offered a job in Durham, NC and decided it might be time to make a change, to leave the city I had dreamed of living in since childhood and absolutely adored to go on a new adventure.