On Snow

The east coast got some snow yesterday and boy oh boy is there a story to tell. From Birmingham, AL declaring a state of civil emergency to Atlanta, GA turning into a scene from The Walking Dead there were some pretty major hang ups in winter weather management. Her in North Carolina things seem to have been handed fairly well, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t freaking out.

On Yield

Yield is not a controversial idea as far as I know. Even in downtown Washington, DC it is fairly well understood. But I have yet to find a posted yield sign in the Triangle that is regularly obeyed. Not that I’d be hard pressed to find one in DC that is regularly ignored, but this isn’t the capital city of the nation we’re talking about here.


I know where I live, I know my address and I can describe the area reasonably well. However, I have no clue how to get there or where my house is in relation to any other part of Durham. If I leave this place, I am—quite literally—lost.