[…] it shall be a felony for any government official, officer or staffer of any government official, or any candidate seeking such a position of Public Trust, to, through the execution of their duties, powers, and/or official functions, knowingly and/or wilfully lie, mislead, or otherwise deceive the public; defame, slander, libel, or vilify a Person or private entity; or misrepresent the facts, data, or science of any matter over which the Office in which they serve or seek to serve has jurisdiction, influence, or regulatory authority. 

On Presidential Power & Public Health

President Biden announced his administration’s new, more forceful approach to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 pandemic. In the speech, the President clearly illustrated his frustration with conspiracy theories, dis- and misinformation, and political gamesmanship standing in the way of vaccine adoption and the seemingly, but not entirely, inevitable defeat of the virus.