A Single Black Labrador

Last night, on our way home, Jake and I found a large black Labrador running around in the street. He has no microchip and no tags on his collar, but very clearly has a home. We’re trying to find where he belongs. Can you help us?

Never Grow Up.

The point of snow is to play around and have fun. Too often we’re all too caught up in “acting like adults” and being “respectable” or whatever-the-hell-else adults are “supposed” to be. There’s no rule book, so who cares what Debbie Downer and Johnny Killjoy think? Therefore, I submit to you evidence of our most recent snow day here in Durham!

On Snow

The east coast got some snow yesterday and boy oh boy is there a story to tell. From Birmingham, AL declaring a state of civil emergency to Atlanta, GA turning into a scene from The Walking Dead there were some pretty major hang ups in winter weather management. Her in North Carolina things seem to have been handed fairly well, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t freaking out.

A Sandy Recap

Last week was a fury of activity. We finally got all of my things down from DC (so the house is finally furnished!), had some friends over to break in our new grill/smoker, and caught the IMAX showing of Cloud Atlas. Don’t worry, I won’t give you any spoilers.