Horizon Interactive Awards: Gold Winner!

The 2013 Annual Fund Thank You video for Duke University won a Horizon Interactive Award! This was a really exciting project to work on. I live very close to Duke’s campus and creating a map through the famous architecture and grounds was a lot of fun.

Free Time

It began when I asked myself why I haven’t finished any of the myriad little projects I’ve set for myself, like making paper or cleaning off my desk. The answer that immediately popped into my head is “I’m just too busy.” And that got me thinking and asking why. Why am I too busy?

A Sandy Recap

Last week was a fury of activity. We finally got all of my things down from DC (so the house is finally furnished!), had some friends over to break in our new grill/smoker, and caught the IMAX showing of Cloud Atlas. Don’t worry, I won’t give you any spoilers.