Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

I tend to think Sundays should be at least twice as long as all other days of the week. That’s because it’s the only day of the week that I don’t have work. Between my full time job and my responsibilities at The Conservators’ Center the work week is never shorter than six days and almost always closer to 75 hours than 40. Not that I’m complaining, absolutely not. I love what I do and I cherish the time I spend at the center each week. I mention all this to further emphasize the special and unique treasure that Sunday is in my life. Sunday is the day of the week that I get to sleep in.

This past Sunday turned out to be pretty excellent. After waking up earlier than my workday alarm I made breakfast and cleaned up the house a little bit—that in itself should garner some sort of award I think—and then promptly crawled back into bed as Jake fired up our Nintendo 64 to romp around the fields of Hyrule.

photo-3Around 1pm we decided to go hunting for lunch and met up with my brother-from-another-mother at Ted’s Montana Grill at Southpoint. Their bison chili is beyond words. Go. Try it. Thank me later. After lunch the three of us decided to tool around American Tobacco Campus to play a bit of Ingress.

While there we stumbled upon the Ice Factory and decided to do a bit of skating. I had never been ice skating before, so it was a pretty exciting moment when we decided to rent skates and take to the ice. We only skated for about 20 minutes, but it was an indescribable amount of fun! The rink is $10 for 2 hours, so in my opinion is a pretty good bargain. Not to mention all the incredible food and other cool things to do around the ATC area.

After ice skating we went home, I made pepper pot stew, and fiddled with my PC until it turned on without screaming about how the graphics card was “out of range” or something ridiculous like that. And then we watched True Blood for a few hours. Season 4 starts off on a really weird foot, everything just takes a crazy left turn at the end of season 3. No spoilers, just an observation. It’s like the show’s good writers left and the remaining staff is mourning their loss.