Personal Records


At Crossfit Durham, there’s a special tradition. See, there’s this bell. It’s the size of a small car and whenever you set a new personal record you’re encouraged to ring the bell. It’s loud and low and it rings through out the entire box. Ever since I started Crossift I have wanted to ring that bell. Granted at the time, on day one, I had absolutely no idea what the bell was for, I just wanted to ring it because secretly I’m 8 years old and … well, it’s a bell!

Today I got to ring the bell.

Today I got to ring the bell and it felt awesome. The bell has a low, even ring and it carries on the air. And everyone in the box turned and cheered and applauded. I was smiling like an idiot and it felt amazing. I got to ring the bell.

(Photos borrowed from Crossfit Durham’s Facebook page.)