On Holiday

We’ve spent a week in Gulf Shores, AL on Perdido Bay and it’s been pretty amazing. Jake’s family has had a house down here for almost three generations and much of his childhood summers were spent here. While we’ve only had the chance to get down here twice in the last few years, both visits have been extraordinary. This is the kind of place lifelong memories are forged—something that modern digital imaging technology certainly helps with. This week we watched dolphins teaching their calves to hunt, went kayaking to Wolf Bay, watched the sunset across the Gulf of Mexico, counted lightning strikes in Pensacola, hiked through the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, swam with bioluminescent phytoplankton in Perdido Bay, and had time to just relax together. I haven’t had a vacation this refreshing and fun in a long time, it was the perfect way to bring the summer to a close—symbolically, of course. My only regret is that it’s ending. I could write and write and write in circles and not make much sense, but instead I’ll drop some photos I’ve taken over the week. And a short video of the dolphins hunting. Enjoy!

Flight to Birmingham from Kevin Robinson on Vimeo.

Dolphins Hunting from Kevin Robinson on Vimeo.