Let’s Play Catch-up

It’s been a few days more than a month since I’ve posted something, and to be fair that last post was from Rich. Every now and then I get a little stuck when it comes to writing. Honestly my problem is that I have too many ideas and can’t decide which to tackle first. For example, I have photos and notes from the NC State Fair, Election Day, and a visit to the shelter where my sister volunteers in Portsmouth, VA. But they all happened within a week or two of each other and that’s where I got tripped up. And so my solution is to stop trying to figure out how to write a summary for the fair this year and just post some of the photos I took.

I really enjoy the botanical competition/section of the fair, and a friend of ours makes it a point to visit that area each year so I tend to take a lot of photos of the entries. I also captured some of the “GTFO Fireworks” at the end.

I promise I am writing a couple things that I’m aiming to post this week, so stay tuned for updates! (All of the photos below were taken on my iPhone, so they’re not exactly high art.)