Day Zero

Today, Sunday, 7 October 2012, is our first day in the new house.

Three weeks ago I was offered a job in Durham, NC and decided it might be time to make a change, to leave the city I had dreamed of living in since childhood and absolutely adored to go on a new adventure. (That my boyfriend was setting up shop in Durham to start a new business after finishing his masters at DUKE didn’t hurt either.) So I closed my lease, said goodbye to my roommate, gased up the car, and high-tailed it five hours south on I95/I85. New Adventure Number One: At approximately hour 4.3, I was in a (very) minor car accident—literally seconds after crossing the VA/NC state line.

Fast-forward a week, we signed a lease on a new house and started getting utilities set up. I started the new job, which I am really liking, and got my insurance claim all sorted. A week later still and I have the car back and we’re moving his stuff into the house. (My things remain in DC until the end of the month).

Now, I should say that I’m no stranger to North Carolina. I grew up in and around Dare County (Hatteras Island) and made the drive down almost every weekend since the boyfriend enrolled at Duke. Why every weekend? Partly to see him. Partly to volunteer at CCI—a really great conservation and rescue center in Burlington. But mostly to see him. So this whole move is almost like a return home.

The idea for this blog came from a desire to learn about the area more in-depth, to write more, and … well, it just seemed like a fun idea. So set a bookmark and enjoy the ride with me. I can’t promise regular updates, or particularly great substance, but I’ll share what I learn, what I enjoy, and what I think.