Never Grow Up.

The point of a snow day is to play around and have fun, regardless of how old you are. Too often we’re all too caught up in “acting like adults” and being “respectable” or whatever-the-hell-else adults are “supposed” to be. There’s no rule book, so who cares what Debbie Downer and Johnny Killjoy think? Therefore, I submit to you evidence of our most recent snow day here in Durham, complete with hot chocolate, falling down, laughing, and snowmen snowwolves.

From snowboarding—without boots or bindings—down the hill behind out house to building a snowmanwolf, and the many, many snowball fights in between, we had a great time. And that’s what a snow day is all about: Fun! We all enjoyed it so much as kids—getting to stay home and play in the snow—why not as adults? What’s really different?