Hiking on the Eno

flowersI’ll acknowledge that I’ve slipped pretty badly on my commitment to keep my blog up to date. My sincerest apologies, readers. In an effort to make amends I’m going to talk about hiking on the Eno River today, which is something you should do. The hiking part, not necessarily the talking about it part.

One of the things that I’ve been missing about DC while living here in the Triangle is the ability to just go out of my front door and do pretty much anything with no advanced planning. There’s always something going on, something fun to do, something happening in Washington. While I was living there I often complained that there wasn’t enough outdoor activities to do along the lines of hiking, climbing, etc. This isn’t really true, though. There are tonnes of places in The District to go and do that sort of thing, I was just being lazy.

Since moving to the Triangle I’ve been longing for more of the random things to do like Screen on the Green and/or the plethora of museums and street fairs that DC has. I hadn’t realised until this weekend how much that had meant in terms of ignoring all of the other things I used to do while I was in DC. This weekend Jake and I finally opened our eyes.


Eno River

The Triangle has plenty to do outdoors and now that the weather is starting to cooperate it’s the perfect time to go on some local adventures to find these things! On Sunday we ventured up the road from our house to the Eno River and went for a ~3-4 mile hike. And it was absolutely gorgeous. The trails are well maintained and beautiful. Jake and I were both wishing we had river kayaks so we could drop in and paddle for a bit. We were hoping, foolishly, that late April would have warmed the water enough for a swim. Close, but not warm enough for my tastes.

What really had me amazed was that the Eno is so close to our house. We’re only a few minutes away, close enough to say that it’s “right in our backyard.” And it’s not just us. A lot of North Durham is only a few minutes away, and to that end there were a lot of folks parked at the Park Entrance. Still, even with so many people, it wasn’t crowded and that made it feel a lot more open and fun. Jake and I both were commenting to each other how much the hike reminded us of our childhoods romping through the woods and camping.

enri_parkwideThe Eno has several parks, canoe/kayak drop-ins, campsites, hiking trails, and picnic areas all over it and I strongly encourage you, fellow Triangle residents, to spend some time outside this summer. Jake and I certainly will be!