The Perseid Meteor Shower

Tonight, along my best friend and his wife, Jake and I watched the 2015 Perseid Meteor shower amongst wolves, laying in the grass and howling at the stars. There’s nothing more awe inspiring than watching the events of space unfold before your eyes to truly highlight just how lucky we all are. And, at least for me, there’s nothing quite as powerful as spending these special moments along side my dearest and closest friends and the pack of wolves at the Center. It’s a testament to how wonderful and magical the day to day adventures we call life really are to think that all the tiny and seemingly insignificant actions, decisions, and other minutiae each of us move through lead us to genuinely exceptional and unique experiences like tonight.

There’s a particularly poignant line from one of my favourite books, and one of my all time favourite movies, Contact, “they should have sent a poet.” In the story, the main character is trying to describe the beauty and wonder of the universe as she is hurtled through it at superluminal speed. It’s a summary of all the inadequacies of language to describe what we experience and the frailty of our cosmically short-term understanding of time. In Contact, Ellie fights her whole life to arrive at this moment and once there she finds herself unable to articulate the experience to anyone else.

If you had told me twenty years ago that one day I’d be able to say that I’ve hunted with wolves, howled at the moon, watched meteors and fireballs fall from the sky, and gone on any one of the many amazing adventures that have coloured my life thus far, I would never have believed you.

They should have sent a poet.