Today We Climbed a Mountain

A few weeks ago Jake asked me if I’d like to join his parents in Linville, NC for a weekend of hiking and swimming. Obviously the answer was an enthusiastic “YES!” And now here we are, once again in the Pisgah National Forest in Eastern North Carolina, surrounded by rhododendron forests, rivers, and waterfalls atop ancient mountains. This morning we hiked Hawksbill and then visited the Linville Falls. I won’t torture you with my poor attempts to describe nature and the transcendent experience of climbing through the intimate spaces of rhododendron and old growth elm trees, but will instead share some photos.

As always, please accept my humble apologies for neglecting my duties as narrator. I promise that while the silence here at may seem deafening it’s not because I’m neglecting my blog, but rather because I’ve started so many posts and have yet to satisfactorily finish any of them. Once I do, you’ll be screaming for me to shut up!

But for now, please enjoy the Linville Gorge Wilderness of North Carolina.