Another Day, Another Mountain

Another day, another mountain. Today we hiked the Daniel Boone Scout Trail and climbed to Calloway Peak on Grandfather Mountain. It was a beautiful hike and a really fun climb at the end of the trail. Calloway is the highest summit in the Blue Ridge Mountains and offered some really stunning views. I’ve remarked several times over the last couple of days that I don’t understand people who don’t value this country, this beautiful and priceless place. Why is coal more valuable than this? Anyway… I managed to sprain my ankle on the way down, so the Nuwati Trail was lots of fun.

Days like today remind me of one of my heros, John Muir, and his love of the Sierra. Anyway, I will spare you my feeble and fumbling attempts at describing the majesty of nature and the spirits found in these cathedrals by sharing pictures instead of words. Please enjoy.