A Single Black Labrador

UPDATE: His name is Stormy and he lives just a few minutes from us. We found his family and got him home late Thursday evening. 🙂

Last night (read: this morning) on our way home from The Center, Jake stopped on our street when he saw a pickup truck pulled over with its caution lights on and a woman standing out in the rain. He probably also saw the large black dog running around that the woman was trying to get out of the road. When I pulled onto our street, I noticed two cars down by our house with their caution lights flashing so I started to slow down to see if everything was alright, and that’s when I saw “Tiny.”

This exuberant and playful boy was clearly upset, wanting to come to the people standing in the rain with him but also incredibly nervous about approaching strangers. Luckily we had just come from Buffalo Wild Wings, so I had intended to be my lunch today turned into an effective lure to help get through the awkward trepidation of our first introduction.

Tiny—his temporary nick name, chosen because he is anything but—is clearly a loved and cared for companion. By my guess, he’s between 1 and 2 years old and a little on the heavy side, but not terribly so. He was wearing two, well worn collars but no tags and has clearly learned sit. Knowing nothing more about him, I’d say he’s a bit on the nervous side by default and is anxious about being separated from his people. In fact, I’ve spent the whole night in the den with him in my lap because he was vocally unhappy when Jake and I tried to go to bed without him. (He is also very, very cuddly!) Had I known that putting a computer in my lap and typing this blog post was all he needed to lull him off to sleep, I would have done so hours ago!

Poor Tiny doesn’t have a microchip, which is astounding especially considering one of his two collars is an “invisible fence” restraint collar. I do not understand why people still do not get their dogs microchipped! It’s super simple, inexpensive, and one of the BEST ways to ensure you’re friend can find their way home if they get lost. But I’m not here to preach about microchips, we just want to get Tiny back home if we can.

This morning we’ll be taking him to some of the local veterinary clinics to see if anyone recognises him. Our first stop before trying to go to bed was the Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospital here in Durham, they confirmed he didn’t have a chip but also didn’t recognise him. So I’ve put his photo on reddit and I’ll probably put it on Craigslist, too, to see if there are any folks in the area looking for him—I sincerely hope so.

If you recognise him, or if you know anyone who’s lost their beautiful and gregarious black Labrador in Durham, give me a shout!