Two Thousand Twenty

Frankly, I accomplished nothing significant in my personal life in 2019. Professionally, I made a great many significant accomplishments, award wins, and project milestones, which I won’t detail or get into, this blog isn’t really about that. But personally, I just didn’t do much of anything special.

Two thousand twenty, the beginning of a new decade, will be different. I have a new side project that I’m really excited about that’s about to jump off that will be really exciting and fun and, hopefully, successful. I’m working to create a new wildlife-education outreach series called The Wildlife about the species we share our planet with, their evolution, their ecology, their challenges and threats in the wild, and their conservation. Predator management and conservation are the most difficult wildlife conservation challenges that humanity faces in the modern era. We have to decide what kind of world we want to live in and whether or not we want to see animals like lions, tigers, wolves, painted dogs, sharks, orca, and other macro predators in the wild—and, in conjunction with that, whether or not we want to see any of their prey species in the wild either. And if we do, we have to make serious commitments to conserve these species, which will mean not only protecting them and their food sources, but the land they live on and the waters they inhabit in vast areas of the planet.

I’m also hoping to get a few other things in order, like this blog, for instance. I want to become a more consistent contributor, instead of the mediocre, occasional writer I have been for years. I have to be more confident in the topics I want to write about and more confident in my voice. I may not always be right about a thing, but if I put in the effort to write something and do a little background research to back up my claims, that should be good enough. My problem is that I don’t sit down to write to begin with. I come to a topic I feel strongly about, but get discouraged by my depression—namely that no one will read what I’ve written… and frankly, that’s not the point. Whether or not anyone reads my blog doesn’t necessarily matter to me. That’s not the point of this exercise. The whole idea behind this blog was to make me a better writer, and that can’t happen if I don’t write!

So those are my new years resolutions. Work on the show and write more. Basically, spend less time watching TV and more time hustling. haha

Happy New Year, everyone.